Recliners Made to Look Good by Jam Chan-Cua

Personally, I am not a fan of the Recliner chairs unless I’m in a movie theater. But, when I saw the recliners, I just couldn’t believe how beautiful and elegant it looked! It doesn’t look like your normal recliner. It is something I can really imagine having in my own house.

Some of you may not know but i personally pick the products inside House of Ital. Each piece of item is carefully handpicked by me. I choose the colors and style and how I choose is a process of checking trends, market research, and most importantly what my gut says. I always ask the question “Will I buy this piece for my own house?”, if the answer is yes then it becomes a part of House of Ital store. I’ll be honest not all my choices hit the home run; some of them really did end up in my own house. Lol!

Enough about that! Let’s go back to this new product line i released this month.  It’s a series of sofas and lounge chair that reclines to almost full flat! Its material is genuine leather made from India and it even has a certificate to prove its origin. When we display these new babies in you can just smell the genuine leather smell! Another is that it’s so easy to clean since it store is real leather, and you don’t need to be scared of the leather cracking under extreme hot weather.


The mechanism of this recliner is made in the USA. The mechanism is tested 20,000 times before shipping it out of the factory. Another thing, we cannot mention is how good the price of these sofas are! We really wanted it to be affordable for everyone but still maintain its class and quality = AFFORDABLE LUXURY! Last but not the least; I just love the contrast stitching on these sofas!! I actually handpicked the material, color and stitching of this collection, hope you guys will love it as much as I do! 

☑ Quality

☑ Elegant and Beautiful

☑ Curated 

☑ Functional 

☑ Affordable Luxury 

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